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'KMC Doctor' Deedee Kommers unveils the mystery of Kangaroo Care

Interview en verslaglegging door de founders van Hugsy:

"It is common knowledge that Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) has positive effects on babies. But we don’t know what happens exactly when a baby and its parent are together, skin-to-skin." That will change soon. Deedee Kommers, ‘KMC Doctor’, will graduate on this topic early next year, after extensive research at the Máxima Medical Center in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) for 4 years. "Ultimately, my promotion goal is to make kangaroo care more common and convince skeptics by proving hard evidence."

What happens exactly during kangaroo care? "When two people touch each other, their bodies try to support each other in order to optimally adapt to the environment, to find the ideal balance," explains Deedee. "For example: if you place a baby with a lower body temperature a on its mother’s warm chest, you would expect the mother's chest to cool down. The opposite is true: the mother's body actively warms up to support her baby to reach its ideal body temperature."

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